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How to Increase AdSense Earnings with Ezoic

Posted by on May 30, 2016

Finding the Adsense layout which gives you the highest increase in revenue can be a challenge. Naturally, it takes a lot of time to manually change layouts and test them one by one. It can also be overwhelming for those who are new to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and have never even heard of the concept of split testing. However, there are tools available online that can help ease the burden. By far, the best tool to increase Adsense earnings is a platform called Ezoic which can help boost your revenue by up to 250% with almost no effort. This article provides a brief overview of why you should start using Ezoic today.

What is Ezoic?

How to Increase AdSense Earnings with EzoicEzoic is a company that specializes in ad optimization. They can work with any ad network, but Google AdSense is one of their top partners. They provide a top quality optimization technology that is viewed by 200 million users, monthly. They offer automated ad split testing where you can gain at least 50% increase in revenue, but many users are seeing gains of up to 250%. And the best part is that it’s 100% free.

How does Ezoic work?

Ezoic has a system that automatically split tests hundreds of ad and page layouts for you. With Ezoic, you don’t have to test different page layouts by yourself. Not only does it saves you time, it also produces statistically sound results in a few weeks. Ezoic can transform your entire site to give you the best layout possible to increase your earnings. It may seem like Ezoic is running your website, but, that is not really the case. You retain full control over your site and can choose different options. You can let Ezoic do its thing, or you can customize the system to your liking.

How does Ezoic do Ad Optimization?

Basically, Ezoic works like any conversion rate optimization method. It shows your audience a variety of layouts and determines which of those have the greatest earnings. Once the highest earning layout is known, Ezoic directs the majority of your website traffic to that layout. Thus, giving you a considerable revenue boost. However, Ezoic doesn’t stop there. It continually tests different designs and when it finds a new high earning layout, it redirects traffic there. So, the system is constantly evolving and changing.

Is Ezoic complicated to set-up?

There are two ways to set-up Ezoic.

First is the Layout Tester, the easier of the two. In this set-up, Ezoic is allowed to completely transform your website design for split testing while retaining the core elements of your page. If you don’t mind losing control over your webpage design, then this method is for you. Some of the designs may not look great to you, but they have the highest revenue increase and best user experience.

The second option is the Ad Tester. This set-up is a little complicated, but it gives you more control than the Layout Tester method. It lets you decide which ad placement to use and which layouts to test. Upon signing up, you’ll have an account manager who will help you in any way. If you are having a difficult time setting up, you can rely on your account manager to respond quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Ezoic is a great way to increase, not just Adsense, but any ad network earnings. Aside from the fact that it is totally free, you are guaranteed at least 50% increase in your revenue and a high chance of getting around 140% to 250% increase. Also, the platform helps you optimize and improve pages per visit, bounce rate, and time on site. It is perfectly safe for SEOs and you don’t have to worry about losing control of your website. It really is the perfect for any web marketer out there that earns revenue from advertising.

For a better understanding of how this system has worked for websites that have implemented it, then it’s sometimes best to read about experiences first hand. Once such success story is a smartphone tips and tricks site that manged to double their Google adsense revenue. You can read their story here:

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Optimizing with Color Psychology

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016

Optimizing with Color PsychologyColor is an important part of our lives. No matter where it’s applied, color has the power to change your mood. This principle can be used in business and marketing as well, and one way to optimize conversion rate is by smart use of color. Psychology has shown that different colors can stimulate different emotions and feelings. Therefore, it’s important to know how using different colors can affect website design.

Each color can be used strategically depending on what is being marketed. Black is associated with high-end and luxury products and can create the appearance of good quality. The different shades of blue can provoke feelings of security, and are a good choice for businesses that require the trust of the client. Yellow is an energetic color that grabs attention, which is good for CTA links and store displays. The color green is calming and is also associated with wealth and eco-friendly products.

Purple can have different associations depending on the shade. Lighter shades, along with pink, are feminine and are often seen in marketing to women. Deeper shades of purple have a royal feel and can show refinement so it’s a popular choice for beauty products. Red and orange create a sense of urgency and are also useful for CTA buttons, especially as contrast colors. Brown is a masculine color that captures the attention of boys and men.

The use of these different colors can improve a potential customer’s first impression of your website. For the greatest effect on conversion, choose a color scheme that will remain consistent on the site as the passive color. For any CTA links, choose a contrasting color that stands out. It’s important to use the same contrast color everywhere on the site for consistency. That way whenever the visitor sees that color, they will associate it with taking action. In other words, it becomes the active color. The more the active color stands out from the rest of the website the more likely visitors are to pay attention and take action.

In summary, using color can greatly enhance the image of your brand, website and products. If used properly, it can boost credibility and create action. Since color psychology is not an exact science, however, it is important to test any changes in color scheme to make sure they are having the desired effect. It is also important to understand that color psychology will not magically increase conversions by huge percentages. Instead, if a potential customer is already enticed by the content, then color can be used as a tool to create a successful conversion.

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Popular Digital Marketing Strategies

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016

There is no denying that all businesses, regardless of their shapes and sizes share a common goal, and that is to convert leads or sales at the lowest cost-per-acquisition (CPA). However, technological advancement has brought monumental change, putting commerce into a very competitive landscape.

Popular Digital Marketing StrategiesTechnology has turned the market into a digital arena; hence, adaptability is a requirement to survival and business growth. Thankfully, modern technologies have paved the way to Digital Marketing Strategies. Digital marketing tools and strategies aim to help businesses to make intelligent and effective marketing as well as investment-wise decisions. Listed below are the three marketing strategies that will help you make the most out of your marketing investments.

1. Social Media Marketing: Instagram and Facebook

Let us face it, social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook and Instagram have rapidly grown over the past few years. Consequently, its growing popularity has also redefined the concept of marketing.

SNS have become ideal for a business-to-consumer audience for it targets options based on extensive demographics. It has become a useful source of customer’s voice and marketing tool, targeting audiences based on age, interest, location, gender, and professions, which can eventually be translated into buying behavior.

It becomes an avenue for customers to express their wants and needs, generating customer voice for marketing purposes.  More so, it provides an inexpensive and cost-effective marketing intelligence, fit for small business with tight budgets.

 2. Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is an effective method to re-engage users with a targeted ad to visit the site while they are viewing other sites. This advertising strategy focuses on users who had already demonstrated interest in the offer and are familiar with the brand. Simply put, it provides a customized experience which taps customers with ads across social media tailored fit to their level of interest. The results are simple and easy to track that is why most marketers believed that the chances of earning ROI in retargeting ads are higher as opposed to using traditional banners.

The need to build traffic and convert sales is essential but there are circumstances beyond our control.  Users come and go. They might be interested now, and might lose interest tomorrow – you just do not know.   It is important to reconnect in a meaningful way, and as much as possible in a less obtrusive manner, in order to generate conversions. Retargeting ads make that possible.

3. Email Marketing

With the overwhelming breakthrough in the digital world, it seems as though email marketing has taken a backseat and has been overlooked by many.  But there is NO truth to that.

While it is true that the average customer does not want to be bombarded with emails to their inbox; under ordinary circumstances, users welcome and appreciate meaningful emails which are aligned to their personal interest.

It is important that emails should contain valuable benefits such as offers and promotions, or anything which is of significant value in order to make it   a worthwhile read. When used appropriately, emails can capture the interest of the customers, increase brand awareness, visit the site again, which will eventually lead to a conversion.



To use digital marketing strategies or not to use at all – that is the question. It is important to remember that what works for other marketers may not work for you. You should know your priorities and your business’ interests and needs, only then you can distinguish which strategy works for you.

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Four Basic Conversion Mistakes that Telemarketers should Avoid

Posted by on Aug 3, 2016

Telemarketers do not build websites to gain traffic only. True, they do work on developing search presence and improving on and off-site SEO to gain more exposure through organic traffic but conversion is more important than visitor’s metrics.

Four Basic Conversion Mistakes that Telemarketers should AvoidContent marketing plays a significant role in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) because it brings traffic, but if use ineffectively, the sales and leads are not going to rise. CRO is not all about having a good design. It is more than just a science. It is complicated for it includes a mixture of design, copy, website’s trust and a lot of other factors. Some websites gain a lot of traffic but they do not convert well and their revenue is not as much as they expect.

Here are some of the CRO mistakes that need to be avoided in order to generate more leads and sales:

Lack of Patience


A common mistake done by new digital marketers is to start a test and implement it quickly without wanting to try other tactics that may have worked better in the long run.  It should be noted that changes which show good results quickly might not be permanent.


Remain patient.  Terminate tests that are performing extremely poor, especially if you are in a financial disadvantage and are using ads for traffic in the hopes that it will convert.  Waiting for a statistical data that is complete and targeted for different occasions, increases the chances of conversion. Only by gathering information for a longer period, you can evaluate what works best for different times.

Slow Website Speed


Current trends dictate that great looking websites are no longer adequate. Beautiful images and grammatically correct and engaging content are simply not enough.  According to Google, website speed plays an important role to CRO. Tagman reports that a one second delay in page loading speed can cause seven percent decrease in customer conversion.  Suffice to say, loading time is a major contributing factor to page abandonment.


Start removing unnecessary files and plugins. By using an efficient caching plugins and improving image sizes, creates a responsive website design and increases website speed.  A fast site provides a good user experience which increases the chances of higher conversions.

Poor Integration between Systems


Design is a very important element for CRO and should be ensured to be compatible across all platforms including desktop and mobile. Now more than ever, mobile marketing has been the latest thing for millennials which has been a decisive factor on how companies and industries develop. Hence, a “mobile first” strategy is recommended to optimize the site traffic.

There are obvious differences between desktop and mobile experiences which matters in delivering optimal experience to users. If the design was initially optimized for one platform and later ported to other platforms with minimal changes, the outcome provides a substandard user experience.


It is critical to ensure that users experience the best possible outcome s as they navigate through their omnichannel experiences.  By keeping abreast of evolving trends and mapping users’ needs, they are more likely to accomplish their goals and conversion rates increase. Everybody wins.

 Ineffective Use of Visual Content Marketing

Four Basic Conversion Mistakes that Telemarketers should AvoidProblem:

The age of “text-only” strategy when it comes to marketing has become a thing of the past.  As a rule of thumb, if you are not able to attract an average human within eight seconds, then your traffic is not converting.


If your traffic is not converting, this means that you need to add several design elements which includes images, videos, infographics, memes, presentations, table of contents, etc. that will improve the user experience. If you have more budget to spend, work with a graphic designer to ensure that your layout and presentations attracts attention and provides more effectiveness.

A Final Note

There are no hard and fast rules in Conversion Rate Optimization. Neither is it is an overnight game.  CRO is a process and not a quick fix. It requires a long term dedication by using several principles of digital marketing while also ensuring that these CRO mistakes are avoided.

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